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Default PT9 and its options (CPTK, Digitranslator...)

Hello there,

I have a question and can't find a precise answer.
here's the scenario.
I have two stations: one PTLE and one PTHD(3).

I've just bought the PT9 upgrade and also bought the DVToolkit to CPTK upgrade.
The question is: what will happen to both DVToolkit2 and Digitranslator licences?
Will they both be replaced (=trashed) by the CPTK on my Iloks?...

If so, I'm afraid it will mean that I wont be able to:
1/Open PTLE8 (with DvToolkit options), which I still wish to use for a week or two (until PT9 is fully functionnal on it's dedicated drive and OS).
2/Use Digitranslator to open OMF/AAF on the HD station.

Any idea/experience?
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