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Default Re: HUI and D-command?

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
Given past experience, I'd guess it will work, but if it doesn't, you can still scrap the HUI without losing your automated talk-back and it won't cost a dime. Sound Radix has a free plugin(Mute-O-Matic) and can be set to mute when transport rolls(or when transport stops if you wish echo and reverbs would stop instantly). My full tracking setup has 3 talkback mics(#1 in CR, #2 over the drums and #3 in the main tracking room) all feeding separate AUX tracks in my session. All feed all 6 headphone mixes and 2/3 feed the main outs(so I hear them in the CR). You might also insert compression and EQ(for hi-pass). Check it out as you might prefer, this even if the old method still works
I used muteomatic before, it's cool, but it doesn't have the ability open the listenback mic only on mutes rather in play, or record. With the punchlight setup I can still hear whoever is in the recording room during play, and the listenback mic only mutes when I hit record. Also full communication continues with no daw loaded.

Additionally I have a number of people working in my room and if talkback/listenback just works automatically it really saves me a lot of hassle of making sure they implement those tracks correctly in their templates. Plus it works with any other daw...
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