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Default Re: Control|24 with Pro Tools 11?

Originally Posted by marianna View Post

That isn't irresponsible.... its the way it is with most companies.

Maybe if an when the testing team comes up for air - they can rethink that but it is what it is... today.

Thanks! Like I said, I do not own one, but I am sure that a definitive yes or no regarding support would go a long way for people, rather than having them test it on their own. Even though most companies operate in that way, Avid can start to set itself above the rest with little courtesies like this. Customer service is priceless in today's marketplace. Sometimes it is the little things that go a long way. Just like you offering your email, cell, etc. That is awesome! Maybe you can take over the company? You seem to have great people skills.

Thanks, and have an awesome weekend!
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