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Default Re: Control|24 with Pro Tools 11?

Originally Posted by crizdee View Post

As the Control 24 is EOL Avid won't make any official statement as to whether it works or not or whether its been working during beta. were on our own now and until someone boots PT11 with a control 24 and posts on the forum we won't know!! If the driver is not bundles with PT11 then i guess we try the latest with that will come with PT 10.3.5 Stay tuned

Lets hope it works unless you want to see a grown man cry

Ridiculous in my opinion. Avid should do this test themselves at the very least. If it is not compatible, they should make it compatible. Don't own one, but it doesn't matter. Leaving this issue up to the consumer to test is irresponsible. It is a perfect example of Avid's methods that absolutely need to become automatic, in the best interest of their customers.
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