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Default Re: Eleven Rack as live vocal processor

Originally Posted by stormstudios View Post
It would work nice for a adding some reverb and delay for sure...MIDI switchable...yeah if you've got them, use them!
Yeah, that’s what I was thinking, especially the “midi switchable”. I’m gonna try to figure out how to send per-song preset changes from the Axe8 to the 11R. I do a solo act, playing along to backing tracks I record at home. Right now I’m just using onboard fx of my A&H ZED12FX. That’s pretty limiting when you’re trying to go replicate the vocal tremolo at the end of “Crimson and Clover” or heavy vocal reverb on “Long Cool Woman”.

I’m also trying to determine if it’ll be best to use the 11R mic pre/fx -> mixer line input or use the A&H mic pre and do a send/return to the 11R for fx.
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