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Default Re: Request: Please Improve MackieControl Emulation

If you put your unit into Auto Test Mode

"Auto-Test mode: (MC Mix & MC Control only)

- press and hold the Left surface Shift button, Bank L, Bank R and Nudge R while you power on the unit.
- In this mode each fader should glide up and down one fader at a time. "

where does the fader move to? 0 or between 0 and 6?

Every other device I'm aware of that supports Mackie Control Protocol works with Live. I contacted Ableton and they confirmed this. Their support doesn't have any special access to Avid's support desk. It's only the Artist Mix which doesn't support the functions I discussed. I'm not surprised you can access plugins in Protools and Logic, both use native Eucon.

My Artist Mix is connected to my computer over Ethernet through a separate switch, just like yours.

The correct link to the previous thread is

User Herbieoz in the other thread said, "Avid officially told me three years ago (approx) that Mackie / HUI etc is not supported and will not ever be, that the only thing they support is Eucon (except unfortunately they don't actually support that either for any one with real problems). Using a support ticket with Avid on anything to do with Eucon / Mackie etc just wastes your support ticket. You will have to search deeper into the darker parts of the web for assistance if a 3rd party here cannot help you. "

Yet, Avid's web page still says, "Supports EUCON, HUI and Mackie Control protocols"

The only documentation anywhere on the internet about which features are and aren't supported are in my post, therefore they were undocumented until I bought a unit based on Avid saying Mackie Control Protocol was supported.

Am I misunderstanding the word "support" when Mackie Control Protocol and EUCON are both used in the same sentence? Or did Avid overstate the features?
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