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Default Re: Request: Please Improve MackieControl Emulation

Are you using the Eucon/Euphonix Preferences App?

Windows or OS ?

Try killing the EUCON MIDI driver and reinstalling it. Same with the App

on OS, check out Audio/MIDI and check to see that it's there and all looks right - should be there right? (Or maybe not since it's a driver not hardware)
Windows side, not sure what you would do there - don't think there is the same type of access on the Windows side

Do Mackie Control or Mackie Control Classic behave any differently? Do any Euphonix MIDI ports behave differently?

Also, try a replacement cable, be sure you are not using any type of hub, try different port on your computer - and be sure you are not using a crossover cable rather than a standard one

The more I look into this, the more I think it's a driver/software issue, rather than the Artist Series unit itself ..... but could easily also be a bad cable or unit

Everything I've seen is telling me there is something amiss with your setup

I looked into it cause I have been thinking a bit about switching from my US2400 to 24 faders of Artist Series (Not that I use Live, but would want to know everything about the things before investing in em)
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