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Default Re: Recording/Monitoring Question

Originally Posted by tonedef View Post
I just wanted to make sure I am doing it right. I'm used to pressing play and the artist is able to hear their self so they can rehearse just with the record enable button on. Now I see I have to press the green "I" button during playback unless I record the take.
There are a few ways to approach this, so here's some to consider:
Put an AUX track beside the AUDIO track you are recording. Copy the plugins and sends and set the AUX to the same input. You can mute the AUDIO track if the performer doesn't need to hear it, or mute a section of it(by muting a separated clip). And, you can record to the audio track, even with it muted

Or-Set to Loop Record(and set prefs to automatically create new Playlist for each pass). Add pre and post roll and let it go until the performer gets a good take(its easy enough to delete the other playlists at a later time).

Or-set the AUDIO track to INPUT monitoring and copy some audio(what they want to hear, leading up to the rehearsed part) onto another AUDIO track(which can be deleted later on).

My personal preference is to actually record each pass(you don't need to tell the artist its recording) and if a pass was a "throwaway". just Ctrl-Z to undo the recording(the artist won't know, so they won't care).
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