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Default Win 7 SP1 PCIx cards - CORE Card not starting

Hi Gang!
I have an OSx 10.8 Hackintosh PTHD3 TDM v10.3.10 system that works flawlessly and has no problems, with the exception of some Kontakt instruments that are not supported in 10.8.

I wanted to see if that same machine would run it as a Windows 7 SP1 so I can use those Kontakt instruments.
After installing the package that was on the website, it seems that my Accel cards are fine in the device manager, but the CORE card will not start. I get errors booting PT and running Digitest
Core card - IRQ7
Accel 1 - IRQ8
Accel 2 - IRQ9

Has anyone else ever run into this issue?

MOBO - Gigabyte H55 USB3
SanDisk SSD

Thanks in advance!
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