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Default Monitoring/Punch Question

I am using Fast Track Ultra with my set up.

Here is my question:

I have recorded a Vocal on Track 1

I set my pre-roll and post roll, in order to punch into Track 1, to correct one part of the vocal.

However, to have the singer hear his vocal just prior to the punch in point, i have to do the following:

Slide up the Track 1 slider in the mix window, so that the singer can hear his vocal in the phones.

Quickly pull down the slider all the way, so that the singer only hears his punch, during the punch in portion.

The problem is, if I leave the track slider up during the punch, the singer hears what sounds like a doubling of his voice, which throws him off.

The reason this is a problem, is that I have to quickly move the slider up and then down during this process. Having to do this with the mouse is a pain.

Is there any way to not have the singer hear his voice double, during the actual punch - while leaving the slider up?

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