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Default Re: PT ultimate yearly Subscription plan + DigiLink I/O license

Originally Posted by samplaire View Post
I’m sorry but I’m still confused after reason the Article.
Thanks for letting us know, will pass some suggestions on to the KB team to clarify that article.
I have a mac (5,1) , osx 12.6, with a hd native card and a digidesign 96 audio interface. What I want? A new pro tools ultimate software and want to use it with the hardware. I dont want to buy perpetual license, I want to buy a subscription. Is this scenario possible? If not, what should I do exactly? Pro tools + hd native + digi96.
It is possible. You would buy a Pro Tools Ultimate Subscription and a Pro Tools DigiLink I/O license.

If you have a perpetual PT license/bundle you could trade up to Pro Tools Ultimate plus a DigiLink license for slightly more than 2 years of a PTU Subscription. Just pointing this out - obviously don't know your needs or budget.
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