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Default Re: Pro Tools 2020.9 crashes 10 sec after starting

Hi Welcome to DUC.

I'm not sure what you are saying will make much sense to others here. Some more info would make things a lot clearer.

Pro Tools Cloud collaboration, while it can be buggy software to use is probably unlikely to make Pro Tools crash unless you are using it. Were you trying to use a cloud collaboration project or an on-disk session (projects are all cloud, sessions are on local disk).

The windows crash message does not mean that you necessarily should uninstall NetworkInterfaceCog.acf to fix the crash. It may well be that your Windows is just messed up. I would not try to remove individual files from any piece of software unless I really understood how things worked.

You can certainly uninstall cloud collaboration after installing Pro Tools, I do that automatically since cloud collaboration is so flakey and I am also concerned about questionable security aspects of this software. But that does not explain your problem.

So if you install Pro Tools, then uninstall the cloud collaboration components, and Pro Tools still crashes, what exact error message do you get then?... it's got to be different since those files should not be there.

What playback engine and driver version are you trying to use?

Many Pro Tools install problems are caused by running incomparable versions, not following optimization steps, or having a messed up operating system install. And that can include at times out of the box OEM Windows installs littered with bloatware. Especially make sure all antivirus software is fully disabled or uninstalled. Personally on a Windows system I would always wipe the computer and start with a clean Windows install, not an OEM recovery that is also likely to be full of bloatware.

And an overall warning: operation of Pro Tools on Window Laptops is often a crap-shoot, it should usually start but that does not mean it will be a great system. Hopefully you can get help and fix this immediate problem but I also don't want you assume that a "very good laptop" means it will be a great Pro Tools system.

If this goes on for a while we'll want to see a SiSoft Sandra report, start at "help us help you" up the top of each DUC web page.

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