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Default Re: DAPS out to Dante VS?

Hi Paulo
I haven't really worked with this setup. For working with DAPS and PT on the same machine, I have decided to use the renderer with the send and return plugin. This has the advantage, that I have all the audio channels 'in the box' in pro tools. Specially because I want to use my RTW meters and analizers in the pro tools master sum.
By sending objects by the dolby atmos bridge, pro tools is like a multitrack machine and the renderer the master instance like the multitrack recorder. Because then the renderer will give out the audio to the core to dante, I'd use a second machine to catch the dante channels and monitor the levels.
I have not found out if it's possible to run for example the RTW meters stand-alone and catch the output dante channels. As far as I know, it's not possible on the same machine.

About latency to pic: you could set a master-dalay for pic or audio to get both in sync. But I cannot find it right now, have a look in the renderers manual.

Pro Tools Ultimate 2019.10.0 with Dante, MacPro 12 Core, 32 GB RAM, OS 10.13.6, Dynaudio bm5a mk2 and 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos Monitoring
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