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Default Re: Am I eligible for educational pricing?

Originally Posted by Protools8matt View Post
I recently started working for a company in the UK called future djs:

I was initially involved in presenting roadshow demonstrations & workshops for djing and music production, and I'm about to start teaching in a local school after easter and will be there at least one full day every week.

I am paid via invoicing Future DJs as a self employed dj/producer, not via PAYE so that means not technically an employee of the company or the school I work at. But I will be a tutor there.

I would like to subscribe to another year of upgrades - my last subscription ended with pro tools 12.5. Am I entitled to the education discount?? That would be great if so!
Hi! If you can submit a proof of eligibility, (you can check the list here once the proof is approved, you'd be able to get the education discount.
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