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Default Re: Converting SD2 files to wav on mac

Originally Posted by BScout View Post
Sorry, just saw this.
This was to save time to avoid having to navigating folders.
From the finder, you can do a search (from the root directory for where all these files are) for sd2 type files, then you can just select all from the search window and drag to a playlist in itunes (assuming you don't have one of those itunes "copy" preferences turned on). Then you have all your sd2 files in one playlist and can do the conversion.
Thanks. But in my case, I had a large archive of folders and subfolders, sessions and SDII bounces, that I wanted to keep intact, and just convert the bounced files, hence the time consuming navigating of folders.

Quote from the other thread you referenced, DJ:

Originally Posted by DJKeys View Post
I know this is an old thread, but PT12 can do this. I just converted a bunch of old files to stereo and then bounced them to mp3 for an archive on my Mac and PT 2019.6:
1. Get info on the files, make sure Pro Tools is designated in Open With
2. Open your session, make sure clip list is viewed.
3. With PT and the File Folder open, double click on the .L file
4. Then, double click on the .R file
5. This will create a stereo file in the Clip List.
Worked perfectly!
That's great. But not really applicable to my situation. And I have a working PT10 setup to convert my sessions to wav when I want. Thanks.
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