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Default Converting SD2 files to wav on mac

I know this has been covered many times before, but I'm in the middle of transferring lots of old files from CD-r to HD, and I found that I had to research quite alot to find a useful solution to my situation. So I thought I'd post it in case someone else found themselves in a situation similar to mine.
I have a couple of hundred CDs from up to twenty years back and older, containing lots of PT session files and bounced SD2 files. The session files are ok, I have PT10 so I can open them up and convert the audio files folder to wavs. But the bounced finished tracks in SD2 format is not so easy, I found.
Had I been on Windows, there's a small app by JohnRailRogut called SD2wav or similar that does the job. But I did not manage to find a mac app that does this. I searched, and tried Logic and Audition whithout success. Quicktime can open the SD2s, but you can only save them as .movs and you lose data.
Then, thanks to a tip by a fellow on applesupportcommunities (which I never liked because of alot of people giving the impression of helping, when they're just copy/pasting stuff and not really helping), I found my answer:
Two Finder windows open, one with the SD2 files and one that shows HD/Usr/Library/AppSupp/iTunes/Music, and iTunes showing an empty playlist. Drag SD2 files to the iTunes window (You should have the copy-files-on-import option disabled in prefs), Select Convert-to-wav from the File menu, and very quickly the converted wav-files shows up in the itunes library folder in Finder. Drag them to the other window, delete the from the itunes playlist, and so on.
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