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Default Satellite LE sudden network problem

Everything's been just dandy for the past month in the following configuration, until yesterday and I cannot get the two to talk:

Mac Pro (intel) running PT|HD 8.0.3cs1 on Mac 10.5.8
internet connection to Ethernet port 2 (IP today is, subnet mask
Cat 5 cable connected from Ethernet Port 1 on Mac Pro to Intel MacBook Pro
Both MacPro and MacBook Pro set to DHCP.
Satellite port 28282 on both machines.
MacPro Ethernet port 1 is self-assigned IP:, Subnet
MacBook Pro has self-assigned IP, subnet

Teleport works, as does File Sharing. I have tried many times, in vain, to create manual IPs for Satellite.

Can some force for good write me out a definitive, quick start network setup using this hardware configuration? I came in this Monday and all of a sudden—nothing. I feel like I should be able to set manual IPs on this "private" network I've created, but that has never worked.
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