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Default Re: PT HD1 (core card PCI) x PTHD1(Accel core card PCIE)

Only in processing power. HD1-PCIe has 9 DSP chips but Mix3 has 18, so unless your plugins take advantage of the "plugin sharing", you would need HD2-PCIe to match Mix3.

But the raw power is there anyway. As a rule of thumb, one original HD card equals to two Mix cards (in MIPS), and one Accel card equals to two original HD cards (in MIPS). So, as HD1-accel roughly equals to HD2 non-accel, then it also roughly equals to Mix4 (in MIPS), or at least Mix3 that you had in mind.

Still, there's more to it than pure MIPS spec. You know what happens once you run out of free chips
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