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Default Re: The dark side of WRITE TO SELECTION

Originally Posted by Bill Denton View Post
That's always one of the paradoxes when developing user we give the total ditzes enough warnings so they aren't constantly screwing up, or do we give the pros enough flexibility so they can work efficiently?

Which means we're always up against wonderful metric of: What is the minimum IQ required just to sustain life? Somehow, it seems like that number gets lower every year, which means we now have to goofproof our software for people with IQs of 10 or below...roughly the IQ of a brick.

For the pros, we try to design in ways to turn off "stupid" mode so they can get their work done on time...sometimes we can readily do that, but sometimes it's just not feasible to do so.

And in that vein, I'll leave you with my favorite "tech support" story so you can see some of the things we have to deal with...

This was back in the early days of personal computers...One woman had complained several times about her computer suddenly "typing" a whole bunch of characters when her hands weren't even on the keyboard. I "caught the call", and I arrived at her desk just in time to discover that in addition to having very large breasts, which all of us on the tech staff knew about, she was also a bit myopic, which none of us on the tech staff knew, and that every time she leaned forward to try to read something on the monitor, her "ampleness" landed right on the keyboard, pressing a lot of the keys and causing the "automatic typing"!

Needless to say, I had a lot of fun writing up THAT "incident report"...
Your post assumes that the programmers are all-wise and infinitely logical. Sadly, many years of working with numerous UI's for many different audio, video and graphics apps has convinced me that the designers and programmers are just as likely to come up with illogical and inconsistent schemes as the rest of mankind, and let's not even bring up bug infestations. The problem with too many of them is that they are so convinced of their own superiority and infallibility that they fail to consider that they might benefit from trying to understand the actual needs of those who have to use the apps. While there are some brilliant tools available, the burial mound of ill-conceived and user unfriendly apps is massive and grows ever larger day by day. Never forget that the tech staff serves the user. We buy and use the tools, we pay their salaries.
Gary Gegan

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