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Default Re: fix distortion in audio restoration project?

First, congrats! That's a cool gig.

Second, if the distortion was electronic, that's a tough problem, especially if it was transistor breakup. Almost intractable in some cases. Zoom in to the detailed waveform level and see where the discontinuities lie. If they're restricted to the high amplitude portion of the waveform, that's easier to deal with. If they lie along the ramp up or down, several dB below the peaks, then digging out between the overtones may be the best strategy.

If it was mechanical distortion during pressing, which is more similar to clipping, that can sometimes be moderated with the De-clip module of RX. Zoom in and adjust the threshold until it's catching most of the discontinuities. You'll lose some high end detail, but it can be an overall improvement.

Don't forget to try Interpolate and the various Spectral Repair modes. Sometimes they'll surprise you.
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