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Default Maddening MIDI

There are still some very weird MIDI bugs with PT. I'm running 2019.6

I have an instrument track with MIDI notes (chord progression) that I recorded onto it. ( I think I may have stepped recorded these in). I had an8 measure progression.

I'm at the stage where I want to do some arranging of the song, so I added some measures at the start of the song and then I split up the MIDI track to isolate the 1st two measures to copy. Using ALT and L-Mouse, I dragged that clip (2 measures) over to the start and copied it 3 times to begin making the intro. Then the weirdness showed up. Clips 1&2 played just fine, but clip 3 won't play the first chord even though the notes are there! Then everything else plays fine. I deleted the 3rd clip and recopied clip 2. Same thing. Clip 2 plays fine, but first measure of clip three...silence! I deleted clips 3 & 4, and copied clips 1 & 2...same result. I even moved all the clips 4 measures earlier. Same result. Same with different VI too. Its the MIDI notes themselves that won't play. I recopied the MIDI notes. Same result. It simply refuses to play the first chord of Clip 3 no matter what! What the h...?

This isn't the first time I've run into this type of issue either, though its been a while. I also noticed when I first copied and dragged the clips that the first note of the next clip (the one after the clip I dragged) came along for the ride. I had to literally go in and re-trim the MIDI notes to fix that, even though they were already quantized!

Any thoughts?
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