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Default Re: The FINAL Gain Staging Question (hopefully lol)

Originally Posted by budda963 View Post
For example, BlueCat’s DP Meter Pro has a “Max” RMS reading and an “Average” RMS reading. I’ve been using the Max reading which usually results in my VU meter hitting 0dbvu during the loudest parts of the signal.
Max readings on that meter indicate the highest peak and RMS levels detected. They only change when they're exceeded or manually reset.

For what you're doing, you should set the scale to RMS +3. You're probably more interested in instant peak levels and average RMS levels. Just make sure your monitoring system is at the right level. Max RMS isn't the ruler you should use, since music is dynamic and there will be sections that exceed your target. Long-term is a more important figure here, this is where the histogram in DP Meter is super useful.

Originally Posted by Bill Denton View Post
Absolutely do not go above 0 dBFS anywhere or you will get digital distortion, which is not pretty...
Well, not anywhere. Exceeding 0 dBFS doesn't result in clipping in Pro Tools 11 (or any floating point mixer) unless you do it on the master - then you're clipping the DAC. You can go a couple hundred decibels over zero on a track, as long as you bring it down below zero before conversion then the signal will remain intact.
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