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Default Re: The FINAL Gain Staging Question (hopefully lol)

Try these levels...

Tracking - Average level around -15 to -18 dBFS.

Mixing - End up with peak levels of -3 to -6 dBFS.

Mastering - End up with peak levels as close to 0 dBFS as possible without clipping.

Do what you have to do now, but in the future stick to these levels through the process...don't go too high or too low at any step.

Keep in mind those are the levels I use, based on info from people I trust in such matters. Others may offer different long as they are close to those above they should be okay,


I strongly recommend you not go above 0 dBFS anywhere until you fully understand the inner workings of your DAW or you could well end up with digital distortion, which is not pretty...
Note that all opinions, observations, whatever, in this post are mine, unless I'm being mean or am wrong, in which case it's somebody else's fault. I do not work for Avid (their loss) only relationship with Avid is that of a customer (when I'm not too poor to buy stuff, like now)...and that hot administrative assistant...that's more of a "thing" than a "relationship" (that should keep them guessing for a while...)

Just rockin'...what more is there?

Bill in Pittsburgh

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