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Default Re: Anybody running HD/Native and HP Z820?

Originally Posted by panamajack View Post
My Z420 came with a Nvidia K4000. It has two DP and a DVI port. Pretty sure all three can be used with the correct connections. The DVI did not work with a basic monitor, it needs the type with the extra connectors.

Go on the HP web page and check to see if you have the most recent BIOS. Mine had a 2016 BIOS, but the most recent was July 2018.
I'll take a look BIOS. The DVI connection is working fine for my main screen(43" LED TV running 1920x1080). I've looked at the K4000 as the next step if the splitter I bought doesn't work. I'll need an adapter to convert the SATA power connection to fit the K4000(which I believe can actually run 4 screens)
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