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Default Re: Two Things I Can't Get To Work

Sorry, we're getting a bit cross-conversation. And the release note issue is something that has always been declared and refers to something else. So I'm seeing a new/different binding issue.

You are referring to the Eucon Monitor in Pro Tools itself. I know that works with a Dock/PTC. With the S6, it does its whole autobind to a monitoring solution so, yes, if it binds to your Trinnov then it can't also bind to Pro Tools being the monitoring. If you can turn off Eucon support in Trinnov, then possibly it'll work. I had the Xmon and DADman running at the same time on the host Pro Tools computer for the S6 and I had to shutdown access to one of those software controllers (Xmon you kill the MIDI port or on DADman, it has a Eucon toggle) to get the S6 to choose the other monitoring solution.

I haven't specifically tried the "Display knobs..." option. I use that on the Dock and it works with Eucontrol. I feel like it was working last night on the S6 but I wasn't really paying attention (generally I'm noticing what doesn't work -- probably much like you)
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