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Default Re: Two Things I Can't Get To Work

Thanks for the response BScout. Actually, I do have another odd anomaly that's related to be basic connection of D-Mon to Eucon. When I first launch WSControl, I get a triangular warning on the icon every single time. If I hover over it, it says the versions are incompatible which of course can't be correct since they all got loaded simultaneously. I hit "Network Setup" and "Apply and Relaunch" and the error goes away and I'm connected. I just have to do that every single time.

But the problem I was referring to here is, when I right click a Master Fader name and select "Eucon Monitor" from the drop down, the S6 level knob doesn't control it (or anything else). Its the new feature called "Eucon Monitor".

Trying out more new features, there are others I can't get to work either. Like "Display Knobs from Most Recently Clicked DAW Area". The team wouldn't have released 19.5 if it didn't work, I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong...
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