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Default Re: Command 8 shipping?

It's not in stock yet, they told me next week have to place your order and wait in line I guess, but they don't charge your credit card until they ship it to you.

I would rather buy from sweetwater and wait a little longer than some unknown online source.
Alto is far from a unknown source.
I find it bad that Sweetwater who I have dealt with several times in the past, have yet to ship any units.
They always advertise themselves as a big Digi dealer but this says otherwise.
The problem stems from several dealers being unaware of the release of the Command 8 prior to it's release so they flooded Digi with orders at the same time thus creating the backlog.
The way you know this to be true is that if you asked about one before Digi made their official release the stores knew nothing of the product.
You would have thought they would have been ahead on something like this.
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