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Default Re: ProTools price adjustments from July 1st.

My update plan renewed in August, so I threw the $200 in before the increase so Iíd get 2 years instead of 1. In fact, I sorta saved $1 by doing this if the price hadnít changed. I figure in those 2 years Iíll either find something new or Avid will figure out something to make customers happy?

As an aside, I am a registered user of most DAWs. The main thing that always bothers me is the visual. S1 fixing the way their WAVs look is HUGE for me. So much better.

Also, while reading the forum here, I forgot there was a Logic update, so I went to apply that and guess what? Iím on Sierra so Logic canít be upgraded cause my operating system is too old! Oh, the irony.
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