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Default Re: Absolute beginners questions

Originally Posted by ChuckS View Post
2) and 3) You're probably in Clip view. In order to set Zoom levels and scrolling, you need to change the view to Notes (or whatever you want to edit). Read page 579 of the PT 12.8 Reference Guide. If that page is not correct for your version, just search on 'zoom midi'.
Thanks for following up.
For ProTools 12 there are several hits in the reference, page 587, "Audio and MIDI Zoom In and Out Buttons", Page 590 "Vertical Zooming In or Out of All
Audio Tracks Continuously", 594, "Zooming with a Scroll Wheel" (my Microsoft Mouse has a scroll wheel), but this only relates to the MIDI Editor pane.
I will add another screenshot, in case other newbies could find that helpful. Question 2 is marked with the red arrows. I do not find that any of the shortcuts described in the reference file are of any effect. HOwever, I got several zooming levels here as you can see.
Question 3 is solved, I found out accidentally. That's on the right side, the orange lines.
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