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Default Absolute beginners questions

It is quite sticky, I think, if you need a funtion that should actually be very basic and simple, but you do not find out how to.
3 examples for right now:
1) When playing back, the clips I see should move with playing. I always see after a few measures the timeline leaving the screen, and I have to transport the visible window manually. It must be simple to change that.
2) I have several MIDI tracks, for some the range of notes from low to high is zoomed out, for some I only see 3 or 4 keys. If I right click the track, I can only make the entire track appear smaller or bigger, but the displayed range of notes remains always the same. Again, that must be simple to find out how to changes the displayed range of notes, but I need hours and hours to browse the entire ProTools Reference file because I do not know the keyword to search for this.
3) One of the MIDI tracks is the drum track. I had inserted BFD as instrument, and it plays fine. I can hear every note I see in the MIDI editor window. However in the track view the drum clip remains invisible. There is no clip, although I have been editing it in the MIDI editor.
Again, I know that are all absolute beginners questions, but without having any cue how to search for these times I fell rather helpless. (When I had tried out, years ago, to start with PT 8, I had abandoned that just because of this feeling to be unable to search for basic things. PT is absolutely fine, but not very intuitive for newbies. I do not recall having had so many basic issues when I changed to Cakewalk in those times. And now I am spoiled.
Maybe this is also because I was used to expressions and terms in German, and I do not always know the correct equivalent term in English. All help files being in English, that might make some things sticky for me.)
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