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Default Re: Unable To Locate Hardware...With Sandra Report please help...

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
Once again, integrated graphics MIGHT be a deal breaker(but I'm not the last word on that). Just because a non-approved system works for a while, doesn't mean its good to go. USB drives are not supported for recording with Vista(Windows 7 is okay from what I read). Since the rig worked until you moved it, that suggests hardware. First thing I would do is open the case and reseat every card and cable. Then I would make certain that every USB device is in the exact same port it was BEFORE the rig got moved(drivers get installed only for one port, so moving a device will require a driver re-install. Sometimes that happens automatically, and sometimes it doesn't). Also try a new USB cable on the Mbox. If none of that works, I would run the uninstall utility on the install disk(with the Mbox disconnected), reboot and run the install like its a new setup(follow the install directions to the letter). This should have no affect on sessions or 3rd party plugins.
Albee, Thanks for the quick response. No lie everything you said has been tried. I have literally (no exaggerating) uninstalled/reinstalled/modified from every single USB port multiple times. Vista does actually recognize the Mbox and will install the drivers to use it(play music) automatically, when not installed by pro tools.

*Just as a note i installed pro tools on my laptop (Windows 7) after i started having problems and it actually worked for a few sessions, but then ran into the familiar problem. Since then I haven't been able to work and its driving me crazy.

I contacted (over a week ago) a local repair center that was on Avid's website but have not received any response. Is there a specific Avid administrator of this forum who could directly address my problem and tell me where to send it.

Thank you,
Kind Dub
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