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Default Re: Please Help Me Upgrade My Old TDM Rig

Originally Posted by ProTooler View Post
Thank you JFreak, & Darryl Ramm for responding. I really appreciate you guys helping me.

I guess that Iím afraid that if I lose my TDM processing, I wonít be able to mix big sessions or track without noticeable latency with a native system. I would define latency as ďnoticeableĒ latency. Once things start sounding phasey in the headphones, itís hard for me to look at the drummer or singer and tell them to just deal with it. I donít get any noticeable latency with my TDM system unless I have a big native plugin on my master bus.

I read compatibility specs and Iím finding that most new plugins require a higher version of PT and Mac OS and arenít supported on my system.

I also need longer delay compensation. I canít run a big native plug like Slate VTM without getting into the red.

From what I understand, only 4 GB of ram can be allocated to PT 10. I was under the impression that PT 10.3.8 was as high as I could go without my rig "blowing upĒ. So, even though I have 10 GB of RAM in my computer, Iím only using 4 of them for PT.

Can a current native system perform as well as my old TDM system when it comes "noticeableĒ latency and plugin processing? I'm so used to using mostly all TDM plugins, loading up those TDM chips and everything runs just fine with no errors. Admittedly, Iím ill-informed with what native can do these days. If I can get by without having to drop the $4500 on an HDX card, Iíd be ecstatic.

Regarding my interface: I was also under the impression that my blue 192 interface would not be compatible with a newer version of PT. Am I wrong?

Thanks again you guys!!
Buy a used hdx card. Actually buy used everything. Hdx will get you .7 rtl. Translation, no noticeable latency
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