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Default Re: Will 6.7 be released on Oct. 28?

I think it's 3 months from date of purchase.
Not sure about TDM upgrades, but at 1 year plus 3 weeks, Digi updated my v5.3.1 PTLE to 6.0 for free. Then all the point versions to 6.4 have been free to all PTLE v6.x users. V7 will have to come out by Mid'05 to get a free upgrade for my OO2.

I think that this next release is 6.7 instead of 7.0 is that it may still be compatable with the OO1. Digi stated that the OO1 would not be supported at the next version which would be 7, duh

Personally, I am looking forward to 6.7. 6.0 to 6.4 have been very flacky with many little gotcha's that only show up sometimes. Makes it a bear to troubleshoot.
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