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Default Re: The Composers for the Netflix Hit Show "Stranger Things"

Originally Posted by DonaldM View Post
Hey, I learned synthesis on a Moog and an ARP2600. My first analog was a SIEL DK600, which I still have. Also a Korg DW8000. The DK is, unfortunately, dying. It was cool to see all that old gear in the studio these guys use for the soundtrack. There were a few glimpses of their DAW on the screen in the background, but I couldn't quite tell what it was. It looks like it might be Logic Pro? Not sure. Maybe FL Studios.
If you want to see some old hardware that gets used from time to time I suggest taking a look at Tom Holkenberg's YouTube page under Junkie XL. He's got one wall that's almost nothing but Moog Modular stuff as well as some other modular pieces. Not to mention some keyboards that many might no know about.

And in the spirit of this thread he did quite a bit of work for the Terminator Dark Fate movie as well as Deadpool Oh yeah - he uses Cubase.
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