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Default Re: AAE-7058 error after I close and open PT again

Originally Posted by tylerimbrogno View Post
Any update on this? I was running PT 12.4 on OS x 10.11.6 El Capitan. encountering same problems with Audiothing, Slate, and a few other plugins. I don't have a time machine back up and updating to High sierra doesn't seem like an option running PT 12.4. Tried Reinstalling El Capitan with no luck. I would love to get back to normal operation without being forced into upgrading PT and OS.
UPDATE: checked mac installer updater and there was an update that "fixed error with IOS devices updated on mac" or something of the sort. did the update, restarted and all plugs are back... this may only work for El Capitan but that seemed to do the trick
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