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Default Re: Idea - Channel Module with Artist/S1 Series

Originally Posted by sjgam View Post
Looking at the S4 and S6 closer which seems to be a bit of a blueprint for the streamlined S1 and Dock. Wonder why Avid did not consider the channel strip module as an option for the Artist and now S1/Dock series. I think that many knobs to control channel strip plugins and more than 8 parameters at a time would be desirable - speed workflow and lessen menu dives. Kind of like in the MCU Pro world - the C4. Also Softube's Console 1.

And it aligns with Avid's strategy of giving the home project user modules of S6's in bite size chunks that can fit on a home desktop.
Because all those modules are useless without the brain which is in the master module and is a full Windows computer. Those modules do nothing without it. There is no embedded logic processor -- it gets all its commands from the master module.
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