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Default Re: Anyway to get access to the native pro tools when being HDX ultimate user. Need

Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
AFAIK you need to lose the HDX card. Have you tried just using Built in Output as the playback engine? Hopefully you have monitors already setup or that can be switched to handle that.
Hey man!
I tried that earlier today and the first test bounce I did after switching to built in output nulled out (except some extremely low noise that got audible when clippgaining the nulled file +36dB, probably from softtube tape or something he’d used on the kick and toms) but after that first bounce I wasn’t able to reproduce it. Didn’t change a single thing in the session. Every other bounce I tried plays like 1.4db rms lower and is very noticeable different.
Loosing my mind a bit over this
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