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Default Re: External Clock->Sync IO->LoopSync - Does this work?

Thanks Craig.

Yes, by black-face I mean the newest HD interfaces.

What I can't figure is whether my clock reference on the Sync IO should be set to 'digital' which appears to be Wordclock In, or 'Loop Sync' which is kind of where you'd expect it to be set if you're using Loop Sync ...?

Also, in the past, when I've had an active Sync IO in ProTools (ticked in the peripherals window), I've been unable to have ProTools sync to incoming MIDI time code from a different MIDI device. Is that still the case, or can I just use the Sync IO for Word Clock sync, and MTC from a different device for positional sync?

Or, if using the Sync IO is going to stop me using a different device for MTC, can I just leave the Sync IO out of the Loop Sync chain altogether, clock one of my HD interfaces from the studio master clock, and chain all the interfaces together (without Sync IO) for Loop Sync? The Sync IO isn't really used for any other synchronisation any more.

Sorry if I'm overcomplicating my initial query - things are popping into my head as I set things up.

Thanks again

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