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Sorry for the headline grabber, but I've been working on this problem for quite some time now with no success.

I've posted several threads and have not received any helpful responses.

Since Avid has eliminated email support, I have no other recourse but here.

My problem is that PT seems to be "forgetting" the settings. Specifically:

1. The 003 (desktop) is grayed out in the audio midi setup (which prevents me from using my midi controller with Reason and other software)

2. My MP3 option does not work.

I've tried all of the various troubleshooting suggestions I've seen on here and elsewhere and the only thing that works is a complete uninstall/reinstall of PT.

When I do that, both of the problems are fixed. Unfortunately, they only seem to work for the remainder of the day until I shut the computer down for the night. The next time I boot everything up, the aforementioned problems are present again.

Again, the only way to get things to work is a reinstall. sometimes I install the latest update (8.0.5) and other times I've tried earlier updates and most recently, just sticking with 8.0.

Regardless, I keep having the same problem. I am beginning to suspect the actual computer, though I don't see any obvious problems.

Here's my set up:

2008 iMac 24"
003 Desktop

PS, while typing this, it occurred to me to just leave the computer on all the time. But I would rather not do that and I am not sure of the advisability of that.
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