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Default Re: 'save copy in' error. PT 10 to PT 9

well the problem has been solved and since I see 100 people looked at the post, someone else might benefit from the solution I got from the tech support staff at Sweetwater.

this is what they sent to me:

Most of the time "assertion" type errors are fixed by deleting the Digidesign database files. Try doing it manually from these instructions:

If there are bad permissions, they could block it from accessing Digi databases as well. Try repairing permissions:
Quit all applications.
Go to MacintoshHD/Applications/Utilities and run Disk Utility.
Select your Macintosh HD on the left side of the application.
Then click Repair Disk Permissions at the bottom of the First Aid tab.
When it finishes, restart your computer.

The other reason we've seen that error recently is if your Playback Engine is set to something like built in input, rather than your normal interface. Double check that in ProTools under the Setup menu>Playback Engine. Make sure the first setting on that page is your HDNative driver.

If none of those solve the issues, if you're working to a dedicated audio drive, try saving the session to your desktop.
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