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Default Re: Faders 9-16 move randomly...

Originally Posted by halcyonrecords View Post
Hi John,
Any updates on this? Did it resolve the issue?
It's been five days with absolutely no problem. The tech feels replacing the harness is not money well spent, because the design flaw could result in the same problem. Better to modify existing harness. All molex connectors and crimps to and from Fader Control boards were replaced as well as CUB connectors. Basically, anything that carried power to a board who's logic got knocked out of whack due to bad signal flow. Also to/from preamps and overload LED's, as mine were burned at some spots. You could actually see the burn marks inside the connector. Some points on the PSU had to be re-soldered due to bad soldering done during manufacture and assembly(!) Labor intensive and actually cost more than just putting in a new harness.

Total price (incl. a repair on my expansion chassis) - $1500.
Got it back in a week. It was actually done a day sooner.

I'm going to wait a month or so before I can say "case closed", and I don't want to post his email address here yet, as it may be premature to make a recommendation. If you want the email address sooner send me a private message. The place is in NYC.

BTW He had about a half dozen Control 24's that were having the same mod done, so clearly there's some experience there. Also, they're working on an external PSU mod that may be available before the fall. I told him to put me at the front of the line. It's his opinion that many, if not most, of the Control24 problems are directly related to the harness design flaw. He said with a modded harness and an external PSU you'd be good for years. Maybe that's a stretch, but I was treated with a HELL of a lot more respect than I was by the Authorized Service Center, which basically told me to f**k off. (You had to experience it to believe it. Just stunning.)

Thanks again to SHORTY for the very helpful input and advice.
John Tendy
Click Recording, Inc.
Yorktown Heights, NY
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