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Default Re: Bouncing tracks quality loss.

I prefer to record back into the session INSTEAD of bouncing out. This gives you the opportunity to tweak the mix even more as you go, if you want, and if you hear something you don't like you can stop, fix it, and punch back in, consolidating the file when you're done. When you're happy with it, then you EXPORT THE REGION as a new file at the sample rate and bit depth you prefer.

To do this requires some real thinking on your part, as you setup the mix-desk using BUSSES which are then routed to your record track, with the record track outputs feeding your monitors.

This gives you lots of options as well, such as putting the rhythm section on a stereo buss (with dynamics if you wish), putting the vocals on a stereo buss (dynamics, etc.), guitars on one and keys on one, etc., etc., etc. All of the buss outputs then feed a final stereo buss (with dynamics if you wish) which feeds your mixdown track.

We've been doing all of our 'bouncing' like this since early 2004 and it works MUCH better than the typical 'bounce' does.
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