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Default Click track won\'t play consistently

Hello Protoolers,

A few days ago I upgraded from my trusty PT 6.7 to PT 7.3.1cs4, I was fixing a drum session and notice inconsistenses in the rythm so I insert a loop and duplicate it a few bars to check if the drummer was bad or the click was not ok... the click was NOT CONSISTENT.

Then made a new session, juse a click track (instrument track) and an audio track, play it, and the click was not consistent.

I dont know if this is been covered, if so, please let me know where to find the solution.

Any help would be very appreciated.

My set up:
Mac G4 1.2 ghz
2 Gbytes RAM
1 drive for OS and PT and 1 drive for Audio files
OS X 10.4.9
PT HD 7.3.1 cs4
3 Process cards

The system had at least 2 years working 24/7 with OS X 10.3 and PT 6.7 without any problem!

Please Help!
Thank you.
Camilo Orozco
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