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Default Plugin Alliance have gone subscription

Some guessed correct regarding PIA new ”Deal of a Lifetime” as they have gone subscription with a yearly fee of $199 and €199 + Tax and €249.99 a year for Europe which adds €80 plus onto that €199 or €249.99 a year so ....

As we already own most of the plugins we need from PluginAlliance and a cazillion other devs we are all good here!

Spending on Hardware only this past 1.5 years have been awesome and it is a whole lot more fun to actually touch and play with the analog beauties we bought instead of buying more plugins we dont need to make great music.

For thos starting out getting 100 plugins for €249 or if you own some that yearly pay up front fee lowers might be a good deal but this whole subscription here and subscription there makes all this payment a no value for those who dont make money on their stuff as you wont have anything the day you stop throwing away your money!

I say BUY the ones you NEED and learn to use them 100% and concentrate on your music instead of this subscription fever that has come over us all ...

All IMHO of course / Peace Out!
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