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Originally Posted by jeam25 View Post
Hi friend sorry to hear that !

At least to me 2 things jump into my eyes here .

1.I only see the intel integrated video card . You dont have a dedicated GPU ? ( im seeing from my cellphone sorry if i missed it ) You might need a dedicated video card .

2.Is this a hard drive ? : ( letter F )

Elem (F:): 466GB (NTFS, 4kB) @ WDC WD5000KMVW-11ZSMS5

(500.1GB, USB3/SATA300, 5200rpm, 8MB Cache)

If so its too slow it can give problems too . If you have any audio or samplers loading from it try moving them to one of the others you have that run at 7200 rpm and try again .
Hey guys... Thanks for responding....
Yes it is an integrated graphics card.
If I go with something like what is on the picture.... Would that be good enough?

The f drive is an external drive... But I also tried loading a song off the internal back up drive and it's the same problem... And it is 7200rpm and I only have the songs on these hard drives.... No vsts.

The funny is I never maxed out the CPU until 2 months ago..... And I'm still not making out... It's just these weird spikes.

I'll try the graphics card... Please let me know if that's good enough? Thanks

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