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Default Troubles with Slate SSD5

High Sierra, 5.1 Mac Pro, 48 gigs of RAM, Ultimate 2018.12 w 32 gigs RAM allocated to PT. Cold install just a week or so ago - everything bright and shiny clean. SHould I lower my PT Ram allocation? Often have very high track count with loads of edits etc. This session I'm talking about just has the SSD5 'instrument' track and five audio ins
Anyhow... the problem:

A.) without mix outs assigned and monitoring straight off the plugin instrument track, where SSD5 is instantiated, which is going to 1&2, everything only comes out of 1
2.) when i assign the outputs in the SSD5 mixer, the option of "SSD Sampler5 - Slate Control - insert a' on each Audio Input is greyed out as a possible input from the 'plugin' drop down in Pro Tools

Now, I had it all working yesterday. But, this morning when I tried to open yesterday's session with everything working, it would repeatedly crash Pro Tools (Ultimate 2018.12). This was a cold whole system / pro tools install I'd just finished (on 1TB OWC SSD) a few days ago. Other sessions without Slate open fine! So I went back to the January 8 PT session where I'd started working on the Slate install and it opened okay but no option of input from SSD Sampler 5 - and sound only coming from output 1 of '1&2.

MIDI in to SSD5 working fine. Just the outputs to Audio inputs are hosed.

I'm reluctant to run PT Pref's cuz it's a new, perfectly working install other than this SSD5 problem

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