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Thumbs up EuControl/Workstation 3.4.1 now available!

Hi All,

EuControl/Workstation 3.4.1 is now available! For complete information, download the attached Read Me.

"Dock Automation Mode Buttons Follow Attentioned Channel" setting in EuControl Settings>General allows optimization of how Dock Automation mode buttons function.
-This setting lets you optimize how the Automation mode switches in the Left Control section select and indicate Automation modes. By default, this setting is off (not enabled).
-When not enabled (its default setting), you can set track Automation mode for the currently attentioned track using the dedicated mode switches on the Dock along with the track Sel switch. The Automation mode switch LEDs light to indicate all automation modes currently enabled on any tracks in the session. Note that you do not need to press Sel when including the Do to All or Do to Sel (Selected) modifiers to set Automation mode on all tracks, or all selected tracks.
-When enabled, you can set track Automation mode for the currently attentioned track directly using the mode switches in the Left Control section (you do not need to hold an Automation mode switch and press Sel). The Automation mode switch LEDs light to indicate automation status of only the currently attentioned track.
-At the time of this writing, this feature is fully supported only in Pro Tools.

New Shortcut to Redirect Keyboard and Mouse Control
–The Redirect Keyboard and Mouse Control to Attached External Workstation option appears in the Workstations tab of EuControl when (and only when) you have enabled an external workstation. This option lets you toggle keyboard and mouse control between your primary and secondary (external) workstation.
–In previous versions of EuControl, when this option was enabled you could toggle keyboard and mouse control by pressing: Control+Option+\ (Mac), or Control+Alt+\ (Windows).
–In EuControl 3.4.1, these shortcuts have been changed to the following: Control+Option+Command+Esc (Mac), or Control+Alt+Win+Esc (Windows).

  • Pro Tools 12.5.0 could cause loss of backwards-compatibility of Layouts (PT-214204)
  • When EuControl 3.4.0 was co-installed with S6 2.2.0, surface Detach would sometimes fail (EUCON-4848)
  • EuControl: The keyboard shortcut to Return Keyboard and Mouse control could fail on the first remote Workstation connection (EUCON-3018)
  • In the Preferences tab of EuControl Settings, the setting VCA Spill overwrites layout has been renamed (corrected) to be VCA Spill overrides layout (EUCON-4851)
  • In the Workstation tab of EuControl Settings, it was possible to drag a workstation into the My Workstations list while Enable Ex- ternal Workstations was not enabled (EUCON-4851)
  • Co-install (EuControl 3.4 and S6 2.2.241): if “Enable External Workstations” option is enabled, the workstation would not be available in EuControl (EUCON-4854)

Pro Tools | Dock
  • Fader would sometimes display errors; this is fixed in the new Dock firmware v1.1.8 (EUCON-4693)
  • The Left Edit section primary layer was unavailable when the Surface SHIFT was latched (EUCON-4791)
  • Bank and Nudge Button LEDs would not always light to indicate when bank or nudge was available (EUCON-4850)
  • Bank/Nudge buttons would not work with earlier model iPads (EUCON-4859)

Pro Tools | Control
  • In Pro Tools | Control, Trim automation state cycled randomly when holding down Trim button to multi-assign (EUCON-4796)
  • The pan dot in the Pro Tools | Control panner (Channel view) was difficult to hit and engage (EUCON-4809)
  • In Pro Tools | Control, Soft Keys could trigger incorrect commands while swiping to the next page but before actually changing pages
  • (EUCON-4860)

Pro Tools | S3 and Artist Series
  • On Pro Tools | S3, recalling a Layout to exit VCA Spill, then recalling another Layout left a stale VCA on Channel Strip 1 (EUCON-4785)
  • When using Pro Tools | Control with a Dock and an S3, selecting a channel in the Control app would not bank that channel into view on S3 when the Dock fader was assigned to attentioned/selected (EUCON-4786)
  • Using Pro Tools | S3 in Single Master Mode, VCA Spill would not let you spill the same VCA twice (EUCON-4807, KAM-5317)
  • Artist Control Soft Keys (below the Touchscreen) might not function if Pro Tools | Control was also connected but Artist Control was listed above Pro Tools | Control in the Surfaces tab of EuControl Settings (EUCON-4845)
  • Right Side Stereo Panner Puck doesn't show up on Artist Control Touchscreen (EUCON-4768)

  • Windows 8.x 64-bit
  • Windows 10
  • Mac OS 10.10.3+
  • Mac OS 10.11.4+
(MacOS Sierra is not currently supported)

  • For S3, Dock, and Pro Tools | Control, log in to your Avid account here to access EuControl software
  • For Artist Series, log in to your Euphonix account here to access EuControl software
  • A new version of Pro Tools | Control (v1.0.7) is available on the Apple App Store. EuControl 3.4.1 requires this new version.
  • Make sure control surface firmware is up to date after installing EuControl 3.4.1. See attached Read Me for complete instructions.
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