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Default Re: Avid Core Audio HD Driver Breaks Maschine in Yosemite

" am I safe to remove Avid CoreAudio.plugin with no side effects?"

Yes, just put it in a Hal Out folder if you wish to keep it.

Core audio is an achilles heal for Avid HD-hardware.
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Testing:All APFS 90% 10% Audio on HFS+(Testing 1.5 yr in)
Pro Tools U-2019.6 MacOS 10.14.6
Second boot-10.13.6 (Avid HDX-1 Omni)

(MP 5,1 / 64-Gb)
(Sapphire RX-580 MacVCEdition, 3-Displays)
MOTU FW-CoreAudio (for poly recording)
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