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Default Re: PT 10 Full Lockup... let's see if we can figure it out

Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
Wrong settings in the playback engine, start at. Host 1 CPU/99%. Delay compensation none. Ignore errors unchecked. IO buffer 512 or 1024 -- 256 is likely too optimistic when not using a dedicated audio drive.
why only one 1 cpu? just curious.

I think I may have modified the buffer based on an error I received at one point, but we'll see 'sup.

I've removed the ezdrummer and eleven ui plugins to see if they could be causing the runtime errors. As I said, the freezes have been gone since pulling all plugins, and the were still gone when adding back those two. I'll try not to change too many things at once, to make sure the troubleshooting is good.
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