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Default Re: PT 10 Full Lockup... let's see if we can figure it out

Do not worry about the standard Avid Plugins but make sure you are removing EZ Drummer and any other plugins (check none others got installed in the past, uninstalling Pro Tools does not clean off old third party plugin trials etc.).

I would do a full EZ drummer reinstall then to make sure both AAX and RTAS plugs are the latest. Then try removing both the RTAS and AAX plugins and check that EZ drummer does not show up in the insert menus at all. Then put back just RTAS and see if that is more stable than the AAX and visa versa.

Just recently it looked like somebody might be having problems with EZKeys, sister product to EZDrummer. I do like Toontracks products BTW and use Superior Drummer myself.

But you also need to address your disk and GPU issues. At least get an audio spec HDD or even better an SSD in the PC.
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